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Partnership with World of Connections

Charrita Shteynberg has been sending millions of dollars worth of humanitarian aid to Ukraine since 2014. Charrita and her team at World of Connections have moved millions of dollars worth of medicine, medical supplies, food, clothes, and all types of humanitarian aid.  Orphanage for rescued children from Mariupol. Charrita Shteynberg has visited orphanages in Ukraine, brought...

Delivered 35 million worth of Medicine to Hospitals in Ukraine

From the start of the war, Help Free Ukraine project within Ukraine 1991 Foundation has been focusing on assisting the medical community in Ukraine by providing financial assistance, medical supplies, medicine, tactical medical first aid kits, purchasing and delivering ambulances from the USA and Europe to Ukraine hospitals and front-line medics. From the start of...

Dr.Bratslavsky and Dr. Golubenko’s second trip to Poland

We were able to complete the following: Final preparation for the trip.  Dr. Bratslavsky and Dr. Golubenko in the airport, Poland. Dr. Bratslavsky’s son in a refugee camp, Poland.

Delivery of Ambulances to Ukrainian children hospital

Eduard Gusak

The car went to Ukraine fully loaded with humanitarian aid. Furthermore, our organization has transferred search drones to safely search for wounded on the battlefield.

Preparing to deliver Medicine to Ukraine

Gennady’s Bratslavsky international conference in Brussels, Belgium

Before his presentation he was raising awareness and support from the European Community to assist the Ukrainian military and civilian medical community in the war against Russian aggression.

Katya Bratslavsky Art fundraiser

Katya Bratslavsky is a Russian-born painter and philanthropist in Syracuse, NY. Katya often states she is a Ukrainian by marriage. She has raised over 300,000 dollars from selling her beautiful paintings. Her contribution and unconditional support have made it possible for our old foundation to start and continue with many projects to Help Ukraine and...

We have purchased and delivered two ambulances to Hospitals in Lviv, Ukraine

Ukraine 1991 collected funds and purchased 200 IFAKS and 200 NBC for the 128th battalion of Kyiv's Territorial Defense Forces.

Delivered Medicine from Syracuse to Kyiv and Lviv Hospitals

This 1st major delivery of medicine and supplies by Ukraine 1991 Foundation would not be possible without the help from Dr. Shawn Yunaev-MD from