Partnership with World of Connections

Charrita Shteynberrg and The Wold of Connections have been an important logistic partner for Ukraine 1991 Foundation.

Charrita Shteynberg has been sending millions of dollars worth of humanitarian aid to Ukraine since 2014. Charrita and her team at World of Connections have moved millions of dollars worth of medicine, medical supplies, food, clothes, and all types of humanitarian aid. 

Orphanage for rescued children from Mariupol.

Charrita Shteynberg has visited orphanages in Ukraine, brought containers of food and supplies and has been an integral part in developing logistics and shipping routes from the USA to Ukraine.

Daniel, 3 years old, lost his parents in Mariupol.

Arsen, 3.5 years old, lost his parents in Mariupol.

Russian tank destroyed by the Ukrainian armed forces, outskirts of Kyiv.

UA Flag

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Our goal is to increase donations to Ukraine and ensure the efficiency and transparency of their distribution.