We have purchased and delivered two ambulances to Hospitals in Lviv, Ukraine

Dr. Golubenko personally delivered 30 satellite phones and humanitarian aid/supplies for Ukraine via Poland.

Dr. Bratslavsky’s 1st trip to Ukraine and Poland in April 2022. 

Dr.Bratslavsky and Dr. Golubenko have collected funds and purchased critical medical supplies, IFAK kits, gas masks, and 2 ambulances. Dr. Bratslavsky personally drove 2 ambulances, with the help of a Ukrainian volunteer, across the border for over 20 hrs. He has delivered them to Ukraine for the hospitals in Kyiv and Lviv.

Dr. Bratslavsky just arrived with dozens of medical bags in Warsaw, Poland. 

Dr. Bratslavsky with his childhood friend Dr. Alex Rohovy. 

Loading medical aid in purchased machines Lviv, Ukraine.

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