Katya Bratslavsky Art fundraiser

The person with a big soul, a loving wife and mother, these are all describing the artist of our foundation Ekaterina Bratslavsky

Katya Bratslavsky is a Russian-born painter and philanthropist in Syracuse, NY. Katya often states she is a Ukrainian by marriage. She has raised over 300,000 dollars from selling her beautiful paintings. Her contribution and unconditional support have made it possible for our old foundation to start and continue with many projects to Help Ukraine and its people to defend their country against brutal Russian Occupation and Aggression.

Katya’s exhibitions are always followed by a friendly atmosphere and exciting people.  

Buy her paintings, and help to stop the unjust bloodshed. You can buy from the link.

We proved it by our example; art saves people’s lives.

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Our goal is to increase donations to Ukraine and ensure the efficiency and transparency of their distribution.