Dr.Bratslavsky and Dr. Golubenko’s second trip to Poland

2nd trip to Poland for Dr. Bratslavsky and Dr. Golubenko. This trip was special due to the fact that Mark Bratslavsky 17 y/o son of Dr. Bratslavsky, was able to join us on this humanitarian trip.

We were able to complete the following:

  1. Over 150 IFAKS were purchased and Delivered to combat medics and soldiers.
  2. Met with the directors of world central kitchen in Warsaw, Poland.
  3. We visited world central kitchen and refugee camp in Warsaw, Poland.
  4. Purchased and the Delivery of 2 additional ambulances to Odesa and Kharkiv hospitals.
  5. Delivery of pain relieving medicine, burn, and antibiotics creams to Odesa and Kharkiv Hospitals.
  6. Purchase and Delivery of knee/elbow pads, shovels, ballistic eyeglasses, shoes, military uniforms, binoculars, monoculars, weather meters, thermal imaging monoculars, thermal imaging binoculars, thermal imaging scopes, survival multi-tools, military hats, anti-tick and mosquito sprays.
  7. Delivery of a drone donated to Help Free Ukraine by Dr. Mikhail Mirer-MD.

Final preparation for the trip. 

Dr. Bratslavsky and Dr. Golubenko in the airport, Poland.

Dr. Bratslavsky’s son in a refugee camp, Poland.

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